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Microtuff striping and jacketing compounds are colour compounds based on high density polyethylene base resins that are suitable for use in PE100 pressure pipe. They are available in a range of standard stripe and jacket colours.

All Microtuff striping and jacketing compounds contain HALS light stabilisers as per AS/NZS 4130:2009 requirement to ensure UV protection during transport and storage of the pipe.

Our standard product is intended for use on PE100 pipe. Should you require compound based on PE80 type resin, it can be made to order. Please contact your Price Plastics representative to discuss your requirements.


Our colour range is built around the standard colours for pipes used in Australia. If you require compound intended for pipes used in New Zealand, please contact your Price Plastics representative to discuss the specific colour requirements.

Standard Microtuff PE100 Stripe and Jacket Colours1
Colour Application Product Sample TDS
Blue Potable Water Light Blue CP090320LB
Potable Water P Blue CP100816BL
Purple Recycled Water Purple
Recycled Water Lilac 3105030 CP130403PU
Green Water Green CP101118GR
Yellow Gas Yellow CP090507YE
Red Fire Service Red CP080131RD
Cream Pressure Sewer Cream CP090615BE
Orange Electrical Conduit Orange CP090730OR
White Various White CP070522WH
Grey Various Grey CP101111GY

1These colour samples are indicative only and should not be used for colour matching.
  Colour chips are available from your Price Plastics representative.

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