AS/NZS 4766 - "The Tank Standard"

The standard

AS/NZS4766 is a standard for storage tanks for water and chemicals. It applies specifically to tanks produced from polyethylene through rotational moulding and addresses the suitability and quality of raw materials used as well as defining design requirements for tanks and procedures for ensuring proper workmanship in producing them. The most recent version of this standard is AS/NZS 4766:2006.

Compliance and Certification

Tanks that fulfil all requirements specified in AS/NZS4766 are compliant with the standard. Any manufacturer can claim compliance of their product with the standard. It is up to them to ensure that all requirements are met and the relevant documentation is available since there is no independent verification of the claim.

A tank manufacturer can also opt for certification of their product through an accredited organisation. This means that an independent auditor will regularly verify the claim of compliance with the standard by ensuring all the required documentation is available and that the procedures that ensure quality and workmanship of the tanks are followed.

You can find links to a number of organisations that can certify your tanks to AS/NZS 4766 on our Links page.

Microtuff powders and AS/NZS 4766

There is no separate standard for the raw materials used in producing tanks. Therefore, technically, the powder cannot be certified to a standard. However, a number of certifying organisations will issue type test certificates as a means to prove that the compliance of the material with all relevant sections of AS/NZS4766 has been independently verified.

type test icon

Compliance of our main tank grade, Microtuff 6110UV, in a wide range of tank colours has been independently verified by BSI who have issued a type test certificate for these materials.

For a list of our type test certified tank colours, please refer to the table below. You can also download this list in pdf format by clicking here. If you require further information about AS/NZS4766 compliance of any of our products, please contact us.

The following Microtuff powders are type test certified through BSI:

Microtuff tank colours
BasaltCB Metal GreyEvening Haze
BlackCB Mist GreenGull Grey
CB BeigeCB MonumentGully
CB Birch GreyCB Mountain BlueLoft
CB Bronze OliveCB RivergumMangrove
CB Dark GreyCB Slate GreyOff White
CB EarthtoneCB Smooth CreamShale Grey
CB Heritage GreenCB Stormedge BlueSky Grey
CB Heritage RedCB WheatTank White
CB JasperCB WindsprayTerrain
CB Light GreyCoveWallaby
CB MerinoDesert Haze