Our Colour Range

Please note that HTML matches, computer screens and printers often show only poor representations of the actual colours so please use any colours on this page as rough indications only. For colour samples please contact your Price Plastics representative.

Our Tank Colours

Our standard colour range includes a variety of popular tank colours. All pigments used in our tank colours comply with the requirements of AS2070 and are also heavy metals free. Our standard tank materials are AS4020 and AS4766 compliant and for Microtuff 6110UV in tank colours, compliance with AS4766 has been independently verified by BSI Global.

Standard Tank Colours - Grey

CB Birch Grey Sky Grey CB Light Grey Shale Grey
Windspray CB Dark Grey CB Metal Grey CB Slate Grey
CB Monument Black
Standard Tank Colours - Beige/Brown
CB Smooth
CB Merino Cove CB Wheat
Desert Haze CB Jasper Evening Haze
Standard Tank Colours - Blue/Green
CB Stormedge
CB Mountain
CB Mist Green CB Earthtone
CB Rivergum CB Heritage
CB Bronze
Standard Tank Colours - White/Red
Tank White Off White CB Heritage


Rainbow Colours

Our Rainbow colour range features a variety of bright colours that are widely used in kayaks, boxes, playground equipment and a variety of custom mouldings. If the colour you are looking for isn't one of them, contact your Price Plastics representative - you might find it among the multitude of other colours we produce.

Standard Rainbow Colours

Stock Red Stock Green Dark Blue Magenta
Stock Orange Teal Reflex Blue Stock White
Stock Yellow Light Blue Purple
Lime Green Stock Blue Lilac


Spa Colours

We also supply multicoloured powders for use in spa baths and a range of other applications. There are a number of standard mixtures but we can also formulate them to meet your requirements.

Standard Spa Colours

Granite White Marble Sandstone Dark Blue Spa
Tropical Blue/White


Custom Colours

Still haven't found what you're looking for? We can custom match colours so that you can get powder in the colour you need to make your product look its best. Contact us to discuss your requirements or send us a colour sample to match to.

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